Cleaning your home made simple!

by Maid Effect Team - May 15, 2019

5 easy ways to keep your home clean

Cleaning your home can feel like a monumental task. Especially when you work full-time, take care of kids, and have to balance a social life on top of it all. How do people even find the time and energy to do it? And Spring Cleaning? Forget about it! But living in a cluttered and dirty home can cause more anxiety and stress that you don’t need. Luckily you’re not alone. The Maid Effect is here to give you tips on how to keep your home clean without losing your mind or taking up all of your free-time!

Take it one step at a time

Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too many tasks at once. Break down your chores room by room or task by task. For example, focus on vacuuming all of the carpeted rooms in the house on one day, mopping the entire house on the next day, and so on. Or if you prefer to deep clean entire rooms at a time, like doing the entire kitchen from top to bottom on one day, the living-room the next, and the bathrooms the day after that… do that! The trick is to do it all little by little so you build a habit of cleaning daily that doesn’t burn you out.

Get the whole family in on this

Living together means that you share communal areas and all contribute to the mess and clutter. It’s only fair that everyone also cleans! Even the littlest ones can contribute by doing age appropriate chores, like cleaning up toys.

Stay organized

A lot of the time, the mess around your home can be limited simply by being organized. Having a system in place for organizing everything from mail to your linen closets can make your home feel neat and clean. Invest in some stylish and functional decorations for organizing. It’ll keep the clutter at bay, and your mind at ease.  

Clean as you go

This might be the most important step here. Clean as you go so when it’s time to deep clean, there is less work to be done. If you follow the step above (stay organized) then you already have a head-start on cleaning. Don’t let small spills turn into crusty stains or your laundry pile up. Take a few minutes to clean up the little things and they won’t feel so daunting later.

Call in the cavalry!

There’s no shame in recruiting help to clean your home. The Maid Effect can come in and clean your kitchen, bathrooms, and living-room. Our cleaners can come for a one-time service to set you up for success or regularly to make sure that your home is