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A clean that goes “beneath the surface.” Here at The Maid Effect, we love doing deep cleans for several reasons: Beginning with the fact that we take care of the places people neglect without realizing it. Did you know that dust and dirt collects beneath the ridges underneath your cabinets? Or the fact that baseboards collect debris in the angles where they meet with the wall? A deep cleaning is more than just taking care of the cleanliness of your home – it’s the act of going the extra mile to ensure your place doesn’t just look clean, but it also feels clean.

As for what makes us the best deep cleaning company in San Antonio – we can start with our attention to detail. The Maid Effect treats every home as if it’s their own. Especially in the case of a deep clean we tend to insist that your place isn’t just clean but it’s also livable. Beyond that, we have an entire checklist that includes the regular occurrences of a standard clean and extends into details that people didn’t even think existed.  

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Now you might also be wondering why you need a deep clean. We usually advise asking yourself a couple questions prior to making the decision to get a deep cleaning service. One important question is whether or not you’ve done anything aside from your basic sweeping, vacuuming, and mopping. If you haven’t taken a cloth to anything then there’s a good chance that you’re in need of a deep clean. Furthermore, if you’re preparing for a big event or a vacation then it’s good to indulge your home in a deep clean as well. As we’ve noted prior, dust tends to accumulate fairly easily, especially in places we tend to neglect. 

 If you’re looking to simplify things, the norm within the industry is that most homes that haven’t been professionally cleaned in the past 6 months are usually due for a deep clean.
Another thing worth noting is that people have a tendency to be overly comfortable in their own homes without realizing that there’s a smell they’ve grown used to. Sometimes that’s a good smell, other times it’s a combination of your pets, your garbage, your dishes, and dust.
A deep clean will help you reach every nook and cranny so at the very least the only thing left for you to do is make sure you’re bathing your pets regularly, taking out the garbage, and doing your dishes (easy enough, right?).

Here at The Maid Effect, we don’t just clean homes – we make them livable spaces suitable for a king (or queen!) San Antonio is a city known for it’s opportunistic weather and wonderful scenery, meaning we highly anticipate people would much rather be outside and enjoying themselves as opposed to being inside and cleaning all day. So let us take care of the dirty, tedious aspects so you can enjoy what’s important.  If you have any questions regarding our deep cleaning service and what might be involved versus the typical regular cleaning service or our move-out and move-in services, then please feel free to reach out.